Life at the Children's Home

At present, 44 children are living at the children's home. They come from all over Egypt, several from the part of the country that borders Sudan. The children live in small apartments. There are currently seven apartments, each housing about six children. Each apartment also has its own house-mother or father. These "mums" and "dads" play a really important role, as they try to act as parents to the kids. There is a great need for more places at the home. The children's home has space to add another apartment, which will be done shortly.


The children of school age attend a state school. State schools in Egypt have large classes, so that homework is important to keep up with their schoolwork. A lot of time in the afternoons is devoted to doing homework. All the staff at the children's home are involved in the children's schooling. For some subjects, outside teachers come in to help. The younger children are involved in pre-school activities in the day nurseries.
Much of the time, the children's home is filled with play and noise. Many of the kids love football and are keen to play on the pitch adjacent to the children's home. Some of the older children are taught how to make pottery. Others work with papyrus and also make cards which are sold.

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