How it all began

The initiative to set up The Good Samaritan in Sweden (DGSS) came from three businessmen from Hillerstorp: Folke Axelsson (Axelent AB), Kjell-Ove Gunnarsson (Gunnars Tråd AB) and Lars Erik Backstig (Leba AG). They visited the Helwan children's home in Cairo in 1989. The Home's supervisor, Magdy, greatly impressed the three of them with his commitment, way of working and ability to make the children feel at home in a loving atmosphere. They decided to support the work of the home in various ways. Their commitment grew, and in 1992 a trip was arranged for 14 people to visit Cairo and the children's home. When they returned home, they founded an association known as The Good Samaritan in Sweden (DGSS).

The dream becomes a reality

Magdy cherished a dream of starting his own Christian children's home where he would have more opportunities to develop his ideas of giving children a meaningful environment in which to grow up. It was a big project that included a day nursery, a children's home and conference facilities. Thanks to financial help from the three founders of DGSS and several larger organisations in Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands, Magdy's dream became a reality.
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