Mina - our first child at the Orphanage

Mina was born into a life that we in Sweden have secure hard to put ourselves in. His mom tried to commit suicide when he was 3 months old. ‎She was and still is completely paralyzed and spends all of her time in the ‎hospital. Minas father lost his ‎hand in an accident and was not capable of taking responsibility for his son. Mina was left in the street most days.

Mina came to us and is now doing very well

We got in touch with Mina and he became the first child that we were able to welcome to our new orphanage. We quickly realized that he liked us, which is particularly noticeable in his development.
He learns music and tai kwon do sport once a week. He learns how to make medals from ceramic and other crafts from the clay as well. He also enjoys playing computer games. His performance at school is good.

Mina is participating in the Sunday school program at a friend church nearby.

Mina is now 11 years old, and it makes us happy to see how he has developed and find security and have confidence in us at the orphanage.



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For several years DGSS invited to the seminar with interesting speakers. Revenues from years seminar has given many thousands of dollars to the children at the orphanage.